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Our dough is made from scratch daily. We use only premium grade flour in our dough's secret recipe. Dough balls are kept in individual containers which creates a perfect crust. Our cheese is made especially for Steak Plus Pizza and is hand shredded for the perfect melt and taste. Our pizza sauce is made with a blend of Stanislaus premium tomato products, herbs and spices Our ongoing goal is to create and serve creative and artistic food in a fun environment. We strive to bring an authentic and enjoyable experience to all of our customers through our unique menu items and restaurant experience. We look forward to sharing our best food with you.

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  • By Phone: (615)360-7474
  • By Fax: (615)361-9993
  • By Email:
  • By Mail: 811 Hamilton Crossings Dr, Antioch TN 37013

We're always interested in hearing how we're doing. Send us a message and tell us how we can exceed your expectations. Hell, give us a shout just to tell us about that crazy food you dreamt up last night with Steak Plus Pizza. Good, bad, happy or sad, we're looking to hear from you no matter what your experience.